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Healthy Coping Skills for Addicts in Recovery

Often times, people develop a addiction because they lack the healthy coping skills needed to handle feelings, emotions, situations or thoughts.  When they are unable to constructively deal with changes in life, they turn to drugs and alcohol, which can be considered a negative coping skill.  They use substances to hide their emotions or the existence of a problem.  Doing so causes much more damage than the problem itself.


Before and throughout their addiction, addicts develop negative coping skills that lead to negative thought processes and destructive behaviors.  Rehab teaches clients healthy coping skills, which can chance the lifestyle of the recovering addict as they grow in their recovery and work toward their ultimate goal of sobriety.  As they realize the benefits of using these healthy coping mechanisms, recovering addicts gain confidence, increasing the likelihood that they’ll use these coping skills outside of treatment.


The staff members of Recovery Associates are committed to supporting clients as they discover the underlying issues that have contributed to their addiction.  Our staff introduces clients to healthy coping skills to constructively handle these issues.  Positive coping skills learned throughout addiction and alcoholism treatment can include:

  • attending group sessions that include a support network
  • working closely with a sponsor who will promote healthy coping skills and instill accountability
  • utilizing meditation techniques
  • participating in physical activities to reduce tension in the body
  • writing feelings and emotions in a journal
  • attend both group and one-on-one therapy sessions
  • connecting with other recovering addicts to offer support and gain confidence from shared experiences
  • gain a strong network of support through other clients and staff members
  • utilizing relaxation skills


Clients who realize the effects of utilizing healthy coping skills begin to internalize them as they work toward their ultimate goal of recovery.  To do so, clients should become familiar to their previous responses to stress and obstacles and understand why these reactions were productive.  Healthy coping skills can be physical, emotional or spiritual and are known to produce positive feelings.  Clients who value healthy coping skills are likely to share them with others, encouraging positive behavior to other clients and loved ones.



To learn more about healthy coping skills for addicts in recovery, contact Recovery Associates of the Palm Beaches today by calling (800) 392-3180.  Take the first step toward recovery by contacting Recovery Associates today.


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