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Get Confidential Help Now! : 800-392-3180
Get Confidential Help Now! : 800-392-3180

We understand that the first call is the hardest to make. We are here to make this a comfortable and manageable process for you.

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Family Support

Addiction impacts the entire family, not just the individual caught in its grip. It often negatively affects family relationships, leading to a general loss of trust. That’s why both the patient in treatment and their family members should address their issues in a safe, therapeutic environment. We have a family support plan that works.

The most important element of our family program is education. Learning about addiction and its effects is extremely important for understanding your loved one and assisting them throughout their period of recovery; it allows you to develop an empathetic perspective on addiction and focus on the healing process.

In our program, families work with licensed therapists to develop strategies for interacting constructively with loved ones suffering from addiction, helping them to: establish appropriate boundaries, move from codependent to interdependent relationships, practice healthy conflict resolution, communicate openly and honestly, break out of unhealthy dysfunctional roles, and begin to re-establish trust.

Since we often find that family members neglect their own needs when focusing on the addict or alcoholic’s situation, we also work closely with families through group and individual therapy sessions in order to help them recover. We encourage and prepare the family and friends of alcoholics and addicts to attend 12 Step groups like Al-Anon, Alateen, Nar-Anon, and Codependents Anonymous. These groups help family members find others struggling with similar issues, creating a valuable system of support.

When the patient is ready to adjust to life outside of treatment, we also help patients and their families develop an aftercare plan. We provide support and guidance for the entire family, outlining healthy boundaries and rules that should be put into effect on a client-to-client basis. 

If you need help, reach out and call one of our care coordinators at 800-392-3180.

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